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The Board is pleased to publish MCT’s fourth Sustainability Report.

At MCT, we are focused on integrating sustainable practices into our business operations and consider salient sustainability issues as part of the formulation of our strategies. Cognisant of the impacts our businesses have on the environment and community at large, we continuously strive to deliver value to our stakeholders while keeping these impacts to a minimum. The Board maintains overall responsibility on the Group’s sustainability strategy and achievement of the Group’s long-term performance. The Board is also involved in the review and selection of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) matters based on their significance to the business and its stakeholders.

MCT’s sustainability approach is aligned with that of the Sponsor, MIPL, and is anchored by the shared belief that the longevity of our business hinges on the long-term well-being of the community, environment and the economy. Full disclosures of our management approach covering policies, practices and targets of all material sustainability matters have been detailed within this report.

FY19/20 was an eventful one as we took our first step towards green financing. In October 2019, we successfully secured our first S$670.0 million green loan facilities to part finance the acquisition of MBC II. Completed in 2016, MBC II has been designed with environmentally friendly features and has been certified BCA Green Mark Platinum, BCA Universal Design Mark Platinum Award and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”)®Gold.

In view of its green features, VivoCity received a Green Mark Platinum certification from BCA, improving from the Gold certification. With this, three out of five of MCT’s properties have been certified Platinum by BCA, the highest accolade in recognition of a building’s environmental impact and performance, while the remaining two properties are certified Green Mark GoldPlus.

Some of our other key achievements in FY19/20 include achieving 50,000 kilowatt hours (“kWh”) of energy savings from the upgrade of fan coil units (“FCUs”) at VivoCity and providing venue sponsorship totalling S$186,027 across MCT’s properties to support the community. We will share more details of our sustainability efforts and performance in this report.

As we close the year, it became certain that the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the community, the economy and our business. In playing our part to safeguard the health and safety of all our stakeholders, we have rolled out wide ranging measures across our properties. Examples include increasing cleaning frequencies, temperature screenings, crowd management and safe distancing measures. Within the Group, we encourage the use of teleconferencing by employees and have implemented split work arrangements telecommuting where possible.

As we continue to refine our sustainability framework, we will include water as a new material sustainability matter. This means that we will be setting concrete goals and reporting performance data relating to water from FY20/21. We hope that our commitment can contribute meaningfully towards global betterment. The goal towards sustainable development is a shared one. As we continue on our journey, we urge stakeholders to join us as we look forward to scaling greater heights and sharing our sustainability progress in the years to come.


Board of Directors 

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