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Board Statement

The Board is pleased to present MCT’s third sustainability report for FY18/19. This report encapsulates our overarching approach to sustainability. With this report, we would like to share with our stakeholders how we integrate key environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues in our overall strategy, how we manage the impacts, risks and opportunities associated with these issues, and incorporate suitable sustainable initiatives into our business practices.

Since the launch of the UN SDGs in 2015, companies worldwide have begun to align their strategies and operations with global priorities, such as promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, stopping climate change as well as ensuring the health and well-being of all people.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business approach and we are committed to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs in line with our business strategy. We also view our involvement in supporting the SDGs as an opportunity to attract new capital. Our involvement also helps us identify significant financial, social and environmental risks that may cause disruptions to our business so that we can take necessary steps to address them.

Very importantly, we also recognise that climate change is having a significant impact on our planet and our communities. As a consequence of climate change and rapid urbanisation, our cities are becoming vulnerable to natural disasters. Hence, it is vital to ensure that all our buildings and properties are sustainable and energy-efficient in order to support the development of sustainable communities. We are committed to reducing our energy and emissions intensities in an effort to combat climate change.

We believe that conducting our business in a transparent manner allows us to maintain trust and build good relationships with our stakeholders. Therefore, adopting ethical business practices and maintaining an effective corporate governance system remain our priorities.

At MCT, the management of sustainability issues involves the Board of Directors, which oversees the formulation of the Group’s sustainability strategy and the achievement of the Group’s long-term performance. The Board is also involved in the selection of MCT’s material ESG factors based on their significance to the business and its stakeholders.

MCT’s sustainability approach is aligned with that of the Sponsor, MIPL, and is anchored by the shared belief that the longevity of our business hinges on the long-term well-being of the economy, the society and the environment.

In our FY16/17 and FY17/18 reports, we highlighted several initiatives to promote sustainability in our business operations. We are pleased to report that we have continued to make progress in our sustainability performance. Some of our key achievements in FY18/19 include:

• All our properties maintained their respective Green Mark certifications by the BCA, achieving at least the BCA Green Mark Gold Award;

• Reduced landlord’s energy consumption (of all MCT’s properties) by 1.9% as compared to FY17/18’s baseline;

• Providing venue sponsorship totalling S$171,187 across MCT’s properties to support the community as well as institutes of learning; and

• Organising two CSR events with staff participation in FY18/19.

We will continue to stay committed to sustainability in our journey forward, and aim to make progress towards forging a long-term sustainable business. 


Board of Directors 

To access the full Sustainability Report, please click here.



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